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Born on July 29th in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Kimberly is the 3rd child in a family of 4 children. Since her early days, Kimberly always showed a understanding of a world many never perceive, a world gone by to those of math and logic. She saw beauty in every little spec of life. She, as her mother says, always sees the best in the worst of things.

It is this keen eye and artistic thinking that brings her into the world of computers, were she started out as a simple computer builder for her brother in law, Paul Bangdiwala, owner of Bandi Tech. In her words: “Paul saw something in me that I never thought I had in me, the desire to build computers. But it really isn’t the computer part, its the part were you customize, you personalize and little by little, the PC case becomes a canvas to your work of art”.

Using computers as a driver for her art, Kimberly has been able to achieve a position that no one else in the computer business in Puerto Rico has done, and that is being the first Computer Builder/Model. With her art and intuition she has crawl up from being a simple Bandi Tech employee into its sole influencer; taking away the majority of the public spotlight from its founder Paul and her sister (Paul’s Wife) Ishla.

Hearkening back to the looks and brain of her oldest sister Ishla, Kimberly has all the right tools and potential to continue defining herself and her career as a Computer Builder, Influencer and Model. Outside of Bandi Tech, Kimberly is also a former member of “El Conservatorio de Musica de Puerto Rico” where she played the clarinet and double bass, and currently a Kpop dancer for a local troupe.

Since the days she started at Bandi Tech as an Influencer, Kimberly has also been sponsored and hired to represent: Libery Cable of Puerto Rico & Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico.

The future for Kimberly, as of today, is very clear that her labors at Bandi Tech will continue. However, how will they develop and how will it grow is yet to be seen. Her exponential growth foreshadows a life filled with success and inspiration.

Info: Kimberly Wolf

570 Calle Cesar Gonzalez. San Juan PR 00918